Genesis of a Blog–How the Website Began


“…In September of 2013, four young musicians began a journey; traveling through a portal where space, time and music intersect.”

Those were the words spoken by Gunther Parigaliy our seventh period instructor of a course called Multimedia Studies at Unity High School, Los Angeles, California. The class members are from a variety of fields; music, art, writing, film and recording– Gunther is the music director at Unity who is also passionate about interdisciplinary studies. He told us that the above quote is the project/assignment for the term! Each one of us in the small class were to apply this sentence to our particular fields of interest and we were to craft a separate project that would also be part of a larger whole that would result in an experience whose sum was greater than its parts. How we interpreted the sentence was entirely open to us. There were no restrictions. This is our entire course and our final exam.


Everything developed quite quickly–Riley, a guitarist in the class, was the first to speak. Riley interpreted the sentence as an inspiration to start a band; then I just said, “Hey, she likes playing her guitar!” Gunther looked at me and said, “You’re a journalist. Why don’t you start a blog?” I said, “Cool –I’ll write about Riley and her band—you know, keep a journal of her experiences–the travails of starting a band and so on–a sort of ebook”. So that’s how the title of this blog site came about—’playingherguitarebook.com.’


The name of the site, playingherguitarebook.com, then became an inspiration unto itself; a catalyst, if you will, and the initial idea evolved. The site would now have two separate but related concepts; “playingherguitar” was one and “ebook” was the other.

1. Playing Her Guitar

The “playingherguitar”part of the website refers to anything and everything regarding guitar— the magical wonder of guitar in all its forms and styles– the guitar‘s past and future. The posts are about all aspects of guitar– anything from the highly technical to the personally subjective or just plain entertaining. These posts aren’t time –sensitive; that is, they are not happening in this very moment.

2. EBook

The “ebook” part of the website title refers to a daily journal in the form of an ebook. The posts are about Riley and her band. Her quest. Her dreams. Also: Who are the other members of the band? What are the band’s goals and aspirations? These posts are highly time-sensitive–happening now–in this moment.
Anyway, welcome to playingherguitarebook.com, the official blog of Jayne Jeff!!


Jayne Jeff is a sixteen year old student at Unity High School in Los Angeles, California. She is the editor–in-chief of the Unity High Chronicle, the high school’s official weekly publication. She is also an aspiring writer of fiction and non-fiction and combinations thereof. She has taken journalism and creative writing courses at UCLA, Cal State Northridge and Santa Monica College. She has received numerous awards for her writing, including the NSSPO (National Scholastic Student-Press Organization) award.

P.S. I want to thank Robin Araki for illustrating my picture for this blog. She makes me look better than I do in real life! Oh, she also did the header-banner and the shiny background guitars. Thanks again!! If you’d like to see more of Robin’s illustrations, visit

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